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Quest Diagnostics Pharma Data Services

Insights that can illuminate therapeutic programs and disease states

Quest Pharma Data Services combines a strategic perspective from seasoned experts, a proven process based on years of experience, and a comprehensive inventory of laboratory, test, and patient data combined with client, third-party, and nationally relevant databases to provide you with a clear picture of clinical conditions, patient behavior, physician treatment approaches, and intervention opportunities.

Pharma organizations can uncover new insights about portfolio management, marketing, and disease interventions.

A portfolio of data solutions for how you work

Complex data, simplified

Gain a competitive advantage with Pharma Data Services. Using Quest’s 60+ billion data points, we apply an integrated approach to data analysis and reporting to help organizations devise a clear path forward. We deliver key learnings that promote better understanding of the patient journey, and illuminate important intervention opportunities, critical health issues, and disease outbreaks.

  • Our core data lags less than a week, allowing you to have a nearly real-time view of the market
  • Quest lab data includes millions of patients, drawn from interactions at more than 2,250 Patient Service Centers across the US
  • Quest Diagnostics offers more than 4,000 tests, from the common to the esoteric, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, HIV, genomics, and more
  • A flexible data-pool size that can accommodate both common and rare diseases
  • Reflective of national demographics
  • National databases, including Census Data, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), third-party strategic alliances, and others
  • Seamless integration of third-party and client databases

Pharma organizations can:

  • Identify the intervention opportunity
  • Perform a detailed market assessment
  • Monitor launch performance
  • Conduct an ROI analysis post-launch
  • Recommend changes to marketing or intervention

Flexible proven processes

We work in close collaboration with pharmaceutical research organizations to deliver concise insights from a portfolio, marketing, and clinical perspective.

  • Partner with you to ensure solution viability
  • Go-to-market value proposition
  • Pipeline and lifecycle management
  • Market gaps and opportunities
  • Evidence-based outcomes to support FDA filings and approvals
  • Launch timelines
  • Actions being considered
  • Integrate Quest, third-party, partner, national, and client data 
    • Rx history
    • Referral patterns
    • Longitudinal considerations
    • Geographic considerations
    • Insights into physician treatment behaviors
    • Co-morbidities
  • Create condition profiles
  • Stratify patient conditions
  • De-identify patient data
  • Assure HIPAA compliance

  • Consideration from a portfolio, marketing, or clinical perspective
  • Structure, analyze, and interpret data
  • Identify unmet needs and key opportunities
  • Collaborate with Quest Diagnostics data scientists, statisticians, and data experts

  • Data formatting and insights that are personalized, usable, and meaningful for the client
  • Deliver clear, actionable insights
  • Monitor and report on the impact of the initiative

Protecting patient privacy while enabling new discoveries

Data solutions for how you work

Count on Quest Diagnostics to work with you to uncover valuable insights that can make a difference. Using Quest Diagnostics clinical data, combined with third-party, client, and other nationally relevant databases, our medical experts and data scientists illuminate insights that can help you make informed decisions as you create new, effective disease interventions.

We have a wide variety of ways you can access the data, depending upon your specific objectives, needs, and stages of development.

Data Licensing and Analytics

Our consultative approach is driven by a collaborative, data-driven analysis that delivers actionable results. The powerful combination of timely de-identified data, proven process, and seasoned expert analysis helps answer key questions about guidelines, disease management, marketing impact, and ROI.

Quest Data Insights Platform

Quest Diagnostics now offers a self-service search platform with immediate access to de-identified, cleansed, ready-to-query 60+ billion laboratory data results.

Quest Commercial Alerts

Quest Commercial Alerts delivers near real-time data to help you engage with healthcare providers at critical moments in patient care.

Put Quest Pharma Solutions to work for you