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Clinical Trial Enrollment

Using insights to make clinical trial connections

Bringing patients and physicians together to change the face of clinical trials

Clinical trial enrollment has historically been impeded by a number of factors. Few patients are aware of clinical trial opportunities and most clinicians do not participate in research.

Even when patients do learn of a clinical trial opportunity from their doctor or from an advertisement, they often find participation inconvenient or difficult because of the location of the clinical trial site.

Adding to the geographic challenge, the increasing complexity of clinical inclusion and exclusion criteria makes it more difficult to identify the “right” patient for any given study. Many patients become ineligible during pre-screening due to exclusionary conditions or medications.

Quest Diagnostics connects patients and physicians to clinical trial sponsors and clinical research organizations to help drive more effective and efficient clinical trials. By taking a patient-centric approach, we expand patient recruitment and clinical trial enrollment opportunities in Phase 1-4 traditional, hybrid, and virtual trials. We leverage our unique data set and a robust analytics platform to increase relevance to patients. This helps us build a more efficient clinical trial plan and outreach program to deliver better-qualified patients.

Clinical trial enrollment solutions for efficient patient recruitment, physician recruitment, and site validation are available today through Quest Clinical Trials Connect. This multi-phase program is designed to provide a complete end-to-end service built to grow with evolving demand, leading to a broad solution for cohort profiling, patient-initiated pre-screening, and virtual trials.

Quest Diagnostics is a covered entity under HIPAA, which provides the ability to reach out to patients for clinical trial purposes as a care option. Because less than 25% of patients report learning about clinical trials from their doctors, our ability to communicate directly with patients can help provide a potential new care option, bridging a critical gap in care.

Using our proprietary, data-driven process, our click-through rates are often more than double the industry average.

Clinical Trials Connect

Patient recruitment offerings typically start with the sponsor or CRO sharing the inclusion and exclusion (I/E) criteria for a study. We use these criteria to provide 3 core services with Quest Clinical Trials Connect:

  • Site and investigator identification and validation: based on the I/E criteria, do the clinical trial sites and investigators have an active patient pool that matches the study?
  • Physician outreach: we identify either potential Principal Investigators (those with 1572s filed) or physician referral networks, based on Quest relationships.
  • Patient outreach: Quest has identified patient relationships and can reach out to patients who have opted in to inquire whether they are interested in learning about clinical trials opportunities.

Quest Data Insights Platform

Quest Diagnostics now offers a self-service search platform with immediate access to de-identified, cleansed, ready-to-query 60+ billion laboratory data results.

  • Easily integrated with third-party sources, such as claims and prescription data
  • Group patient counts by providers to quickly identify new arenas for drug development
  • Identify providers with patients who meet study criteria for a drug’s clinical trials
  • Understand disease prevalence and identify or expand drug development within your desired patient population inside a specific geographic location
  • Identify experienced principal investigators with patients whose profiles meet the criteria for your clinical trials

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