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Clinical Trials – Late Phase

Quest Diagnostics to present at DPharm 2021 on how lab data insights can assist in the design and execution of decentralized trials

Mark your calendars—Parag More, Executive Director of Healthcare Analytics Solutions, will be presenting “How Lab Data Insights can Assist you in the Design and Execution of your Decentralized Trials” on September 29, 2021 during day 2 of DPharm. Click here to learn more about DPharm. Lab data continues to play a critical role in the […]

Clinical Development

The role of lab data to optimize your clinical trial operations

Leveraging lab data to operationalize clinical trials can significantly streamline the development and recruitment process, not to mention lowering overall costs and accelerating time-to-market for new drugs and treatments. What’s that worth? Considering that every day of a patent life is a million dollar win for pharma, quite a lot. Using lab data, combined with […]

Clinical Trials – Early Phase

Why decentralization is the wave of the future for clinical trials

With rapid digital transformation occurring in healthcare today, it is understandable that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is calling for new, decentralized clinical trial models, both to improve the efficiency and impact of studies, and to reduce overall costs. Quest supports this position, acknowledging that we are in a transformational time, not only related […]

Clinical Trials – Late Phase

Leverage analytics to optimize clinical trials recruitment

Recruiting for clinical trials has traditionally been an arduous and costly process, with likely candidates typically identified through hard-to-acquire physician referrals. Approximately 60% of referred patients fail at pre-screening, after 50% of the trial budget has been spent, and dropout rates aren’t much better, averaging around 30%, with most patients opting out either due to […]

Clinical Trials – Late Phase

Improving clinical trial enrollment to help accelerate the time to market for new therapeutics

By leveraging Quest’s relationship with half the country’s physicians and hospitals, a leading pharmaceutical company was able to identify over 1,000 additional physicians to approach for clinical trial participation or physician referral to study sites. This could allow for a higher rate of patient enrollment and improved cost-effectiveness—streamlining clinical trial operations to help bring new […]

Clinical Trials – Early Phase

Supporting clinical trials with specialized testing

Most people have heard of clinical trials but only understand how they work in vague terms and often associate them with negative stereotypes. There is a long and dark history surrounding clinical trials, but recent efforts and regulations have made participating in clinical trials safe while giving patients the opportunity to try cutting-edge treatments. At […]