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About Quest Diagnostics

The tests, experience, and expertise you need to succeed

Committed to collaboration, Quest can help you deliver on the promise of tomorrow’s innovative new science, today. 

Our services support pharma, public health, and research organizations. We have a proven track record of delivering key insights that can lead to more informed decisions and better outcomes.

Our business is built on a robust test portfolio that includes more than 4,000 different tests spanning routine to esoteric testing, including advanced genetic, specialized rare diseases, and emerging biomarkers.

We regularly expand our tests and services through acquisitions of compelling new science and scientific centers of excellence, including Cleveland HeartLab®, Phenopath®, Medfusion®, and BluePrint Genetics®, among many others.

We offer more than 15+ years of longitudinal lab data, representing more than 60+ billion laboratory results, and we service approximately half of all hospitals and physicians in the US. In addition to our network of advanced testing labs, we have more than 2,250 Patient Service Centers (PSCs) that offer convenient collection points across the country, as well as a mobile phlebotomy service for those who can’t come to us.

Some of the many important healthcare audiences we serve include:



Clinical investigators

Clinical trial sites and sponsors


management teams

Medical affairs

Therapy development leaders

How Quest can help

Quest Diagnostics is more than a lab. We are an elaborate network of labs and thousands of patient service centers, efficiently and effectively meeting the needs of clinicians and patients. We are deeply committed to collaboration, with insights, innovative solutions, services, and resources to help you meet your goals, stay ahead of the curve, and continue to deliver innovation and growth.

Advanced diagnostics expertise

Our 650+ MDs and PhDs evaluate, advise, and consult on data, technology, and programs to help support population health. Quest offers unparalleled access to a unique repository of data points reflective of national demographics for a complete, holistic picture.

Using Quest Diagnostics clinical data, combined with third-party, client, and other nationally relevant databases, our medical experts and data scientists illuminate insights that can help you make informed decisions as you create and market new, effective disease interventions.

Our team of clinicians, data scientists, and statisticians have decades of experience collecting, structuring, analyzing, and interpreting patient data from both internal and external sources. As industry experts, they develop peer-reviewed journal articles, white papers, and other reports, such as Quest Diagnostics Health Trends, which covers important healthcare issues like H1N1 Influenza and prescription drug misuse.

Throughout each stage of the disease-intervention journey, we use our expertise to provide you with a clear picture of clinical conditions, patient behavior, physician treatment approaches, and intervention opportunities.   

Demonstrated success in partnership growth opportunities

  • A complete understanding of the patient journey
  • One of the largest commercial sales forces in the industry
  • The expertise of 650+ MDs and PhDs
  • A network of 30+ Genetic Counselors, engaged with clinicians
  • Educational and awareness programs
  • Customized testing services
  • Comprehensive supporting materials for providers and consumers
Growth opportunity illustration.

Global Diagnostics Network

Through the Global Diagnostics Network, a working group of diagnostics laboratories led by Quest, we make it easier for pharmaceutical clients to obtain worldwide distribution of tests with consistent levels of quality, country-specific regulatory compliance, and integrated data capture and analysis. Collectively, this worldwide community of 10 healthcare companies has a presence in countries with two-thirds of the world’s population, and more than 90% of the global pharmaceutical market.

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