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Custom testing services

We can support your Phase I-III clinical trials by diagnostics confirmation, eligibility criteria, ongoing monitoring, and exploratory biomarker testing. We can implement any combination of tests from our comprehensive clinical diagnostics menu, or, if needed, can collaborate with you to develop target-specific laboratory-developed tests or customize established test for the needs of the project or study.

You can count on our medical expertise to help you deliver the innovations and solutions that inspire better health. Our core competencies include technical, medical, and scientific knowledge, across medical subspecialties, to give you insights and access to the data and expertise you want and need.


  • 650+ MDs, PhDs, and healthcare professionals
  • 30+ genetic counselors


  • We support nearly 3,500 different tests, many performed across the organization for more than 20 years
  • Access to one of the broadest test menus in the industry, including novel and proprietary assays
  • De Novo assay development
  • Custom assay development and validation


  • Biomarker-specific assay development
  • Technology transfers
  • Novel biomarkers


  • Assay commercialization
  • Laboratory-developed testing
  • IVD strategy
  • Study-specific batch testing
  • High-volume, real-time testing

Test development services

Targeted therapy development to support the needs of precision medicine

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Companion Diagnostics

End-to-end services that help deliver clinical and commercial success

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Therapeutic area expertise

Dedicated expertise across a broad range of health conditions, drawn from one of the largest diagnostics companies in the world

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Custom testing services

Deliver custom innovative solutions to support your Phase I-III clinical trials

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We offer more than 15+ years of longitudinal lab data, representing more than 60+ billion data points.

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