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Specimen Collection

To assist with sample storage and long-term validation, 2,250 collection sites are supported by dedicated biorepository services, and a committed team of mobile phlebotomists.

Large-scale analysis of study populations can lead to deeper understanding of the many factors that impact the course of disease. This understanding is the basis for advances in prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.

Quest offers a network of more than 2,250 collection centers to support sample collection, mobile phlebotomy to facilitate clinical research, as well as dedicated biorepository space to support long-term storage of key samples throughout a trial.

National network of Patient Service Centers

Quest has more than 2,250 retail locations across the US, including locations in Walmart® and Safeway® stores. These locations offer many patient conveniences, including online appointments, COVID-19 safety precautions, and friendly, experienced phlebotomy professionals. These can serve as a dedicated regional or local specimen collection hub to support clinical trials.

Dedicated biorepository space

We offer a broad range of biorepository services and technologies that are tailored to align with your protocol and storage needs. During the life of a study we hold specimens in short-term storage and send them where sponsors need them to go, based on study requirements, via scheduled and unscheduled (ad hoc) shipments. In addition, we can provide longer-term storage solutions.

Flexible specimen collection solutions

National programs require national coverage, yet smaller programs may need experienced mobile phlebotomists that are typically not accessible. Our mobile phlebotomy network provides both.

Using our robust paramedical collection network, our mobile phlebotomy solution can support companies in the clinical research, healthcare, and employer services industries needing population-based screenings by providing blood draws and health assessments in the home or in event settings. We can also provide deidentified remnant samples for clinical testing through our IVD lab services.

With 6,000 phlebotomists across the country, our collection network is the largest of its kind in the industry, which allows us to provide broader capabilities to complete mobile health screenings and specimen collections.

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