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Leveraging lab data and insights to illuminate therapeutic programs

Quest Diagnostics’ depth of experience and capabilities in data, analytics, and insights services spans the development continuum. Our data scientists and healthcare professionals combine billions of clinical lab test results with a robust strategy process. Our unique perspective and expertise delivers timely, analytical insights that drive new advances in healthcare. 

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Simplifying complex data

The Healthcare Analytics Solutions portfolio started with dialogue between Quest data scientists and medical directors with researchers in the pharmaceutical industry who were trying to understand large patterns in disease progression, diagnosis, and treatment. Those dialogues now produce rich insights during every stage of therapy development, customized at-scale data sets and analysis used for research and planning of new therapeutic launches, and new ways to look at clinical trial recruitment.

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The power of Quest lab data

70% of clinical decisions are made with lab data

Data-driven predictive insights with lab data have the ability to dramatically change how pharmaceutical executives make strategic decisions.  

Quest has relationships with more than 50% of the hospitals and physicians in the US, over 60+ billion data points, and more than 650 active EMR interfaces. When combined, this enables nearly universal test ordering from healthcare providers and high-availability results reporting on almost any health condition. 

Quest has relationships throughout healthcare—pharma, patients, physicians, health plans, and health systems—uniquely positioning us to make the connections needed to drive more effective clinical trials.

Further, our pharma, CRO, and public health customers have invested in clinical data sets that are particularly relevant to their disease focus, which we can integrate with lab data to create new insights into population health. 

Pharma Data Services

Pharma Data Services combines a strategic perspective, a proven process based on years of experience, and a comprehensive collection of clinical data, to provide a clear picture of clinical conditions, patient behavior, physician treatment approaches, and intervention opportunities.

  • Identify the intervention opportunity
  • Perform a detailed market assessment
  • Monitor launch performance
  • Complete an ROI analysis post-launch
  • Recommend changes to marketing or intervention
  • Help organizations define and build cohorts
  • Provide subscription-level access to Quest lab data
  • Alert pharmaceutical organizations to changes in pre-identified patient populations
  • Go-to-market value proposition
  • Pipeline and lifecycle management
  • Market gaps and opportunities
  • Evidence-based outcomes to support FDA filings and approvals
  • Create condition profiles
  • Stratify patient conditions
  • Monitor and report on the impact of the initiative

Commercial Alerts

Quest Diagnostics now offers an alert service to monitor physician test ordering and deidentified patient diagnostic results.

Quest Data Insights Platform

Quest Diagnostics now offers a self-service search platform with access to 60+ billion cleansed, ready-to-query laboratory data results, going back 5 years, making it easier to build patient and physician cohorts.

  • Help save months of searching for the right insights
  • Discover key insights more quickly to help make business and clinical decisions
  • Explore timely, real-world data through our easy-to-use platform

Clinical Trials Connect

Quest is committed to developing innovative solutions and relationships that can help accelerate the time to market of new therapeutics. By making connections between patients, physicians, and sponsors, together we can bring new hope to patients and their loved ones.

The solution is designed to grow with evolving demand, leading to a broad solution for cohort profiling, patient-initiated pre-screening, and virtual trials.

  • Identify and recruit patients for trials more effectively
  • Identify physicians with patients who might qualify for clinical trials and inform them of the opportunity
  • Locate and recruit PIs with potential patient populations
  • Validate and secure clinical trial sites

Protecting patient privacy while enabling new discoveries

Quest Diagnostics is committed to protecting the privacy of identifiable health information, while advancing the science of healthcare and empowering better patient health. Throughout all stages of our research and reporting, maintaining patient privacy is paramount.

Our extensive data-collection process includes de-identifying data from multiple sources, which ensures that health information is anonymized. By protecting patient confidentiality while enabling our data scientists to analyze and interpret health trends, we can help our clients make more informed decisions on their journey toward effective disease interventions.

We follow the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) explicitly. Any protected health information (PHI) data is de-identified, stored, and used for legitimate public health purposes, in full accordance with the law.

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