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Companion Diagnostics

Precision medicine solutions help you get to market efficiently and effectively.

Full spectrum support

Insights. Data. Diagnostics. Results.

Quest Companion Diagnostics supports you through all phases of precision medicine, from assay development to commercial launch and post-launch analytic capabilities. Our breadth of experience and expertise offers pharmaceutical organizations an unparalleled opportunity to target new therapies to the right patient population.

We leverage powerful insights, reliable data, efficient diagnostics, and rapid results to help accelerate the time to market. Together, we can develop the precise testing and therapies that can provide new hope to patients and their families.

Your collaborative partner

Creating comprehensive solutions together

We can collaborate with you to create a comprehensive solution—from idea to launch of a companion diagnostic, or a targeted therapy test to target your drug to the right patient population. Together we can drive the shift from the traditional “one size fits all” approach to a patient-centric care model that improves outcomes and can reduce costs.  

End-to-end services

Test development, biomarker identification to support FDA approval, commercialization, and commercialization of companion diagnostics

Pre-launch medical communications

REMS Programs

Clinical trial wrap-around services

Day 1 ready lab for new CDx test launches

Commercial testing

Data analytics support for targeted therapies

Assay development, validation, and scale-up

Custom testing services and targeted therapy test development

Let’s get granular

Quest analytics bring precision medicine to life

Quest Diagnostic’s highly specific diagnostic tests can help to avoid unnecessary follow-up testing and allow more accurate interpretation of depth of response to treatment. We have several successful ongoing projects with major pharmaceutical companies. Some of our work includes:

  • A new class of drugs, such as “checkpoint inhibitors,” which were recently approved by the FDA
  • Immunooncology
  • Personalized medicine

We also offer molecular testing to understand mutation status in diseases such as non–small cell lung cancer.

Test development services

Targeted therapy development to support the needs of precision medicine

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Companion Diagnostics

End-to-end services that help deliver clinical and commercial success

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Therapeutic area expertise

Dedicated expertise across a broad range of health conditions, drawn from one of the largest diagnostics companies in the world

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Custom testing services

Deliver custom innovative solutions to support your Phase I-III clinical trials

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We offer more than 15+ years of longitudinal lab data, representing more than 60+ billion data points.

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