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Quest Data Insights Platform powered by HealthVerity®

On-demand access to ready-to-query lab data

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Quest Diagnostics now offers a self-service search platform with immediate access to cleansed, ready-to-query, 58+ billion laboratory data results, going back 5+ years, making it easier to build patient and physician cohorts.

  • Help save months of searching for the right insights
  • Discover key insights more quickly to help make business and clinical decisions
  • Explore timely, real-world data through our easy-to-use platform

Quest Diagnostics is committed to protecting the privacy of personal identifiable health information while advancing healthcare and empowering better patient health.

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Gain new insights into patient counts grouped by providers to:

Quest Data Insights Platform is a self-service platform that allows you to access ready-to-query data from the last 5 years.

Search criteria options include:
• Target population by patient demographic and time period
• Provider specialty
• Diagnosis codes
• Lab tests

Compatible with third-party data types, such as claims and prescription data.

Quest Data Insights Platform features include:

140 million patient testing events each year 4 billion results per year
60+ billion laboratory data results
  • Age and sex
  • ICD-10 codes, prior lab results
  • National geographic coverage, with the ability to drill down to region and state
  • Longitudinal tracking with unique patient identifier
  • Quest has transformed the data set to normalize and standardize 5+ years of historical data into a common data model
  • Continued daily delivery of data into the model to keep it fresh
Data points collected from servicing ~50% of US physicians and hospitals each year
  • Broadly representative of medical practices in the US
  • Physician data includes NPI
Access to timely, real-world data for an accurate representation of a particular disease state at any time
Fully HIPAA-compliant
  • All patient data is deidentified
  • Quest explicitly follows the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
5+ years of longitudinal data
Access to more than 90% of US insured lives
Diagnostic laboratory orders and results for an expansive range of medical conditions (3,500+ tests), including both common and most rare diseases

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