Use Cases and What We Help With

From clinical research to clinical trials and on through commercialization, Quest Diagnostics can help support any stage of your initiatives, from development of a new therapeutic solution to post-market/Phase IV clinical studies.  

For clinical development, researchers, and commercial pharma

Using Quest’s 60+ billion laboratory results, we can help you leverage our third-party, partner, national, and client data to look at:

  • Referral patterns
  • Longitudinal considerations
  • Geographical considerations
  • Diagnostic codes at time of order
  • Insights into physician treatment behaviors
  • Co-morbidities
  • Creation of condition profiles
  • Stratification of patient conditions
  • Complementary Electronic Laboratory Reporting (ELR) data and filling in gaps with deidentified data

Our integrated approach to data analysis and reporting helps organizations to:

  • Create cohorts for retrospective and prospective studies
  • Provide insights into the effectiveness of surveillance programs
  • Target populations for intervention programs
  • Combine de-identified data sets and subset patient populations
  • Evaluate disease transmission across jurisdictions

For clinical trials—CROs and sponsors

At Quest, we’re unlocking the future of patient-centered trials, with a commitment to developing innovative solutions and relationships that can help accelerate the time to market for new therapeutics.  

Site Validation/Trial Logistics

  • Based on inclusion/exclusion criteria, we validate and match potential patient volumes to sites and investigators
  • We identify additional physicians with concentrations of potential patients
  • Our direct-to-patient trials leverage in-home, self-administered testing and mobile-care teams, who can administer therapeutics, collect samples, and capture biometric data
  • Quest Patient Service Centers serve as potential screening sites and interim checkpoints
  • We also provide Virtual Principal Investigators (PIs) or sub-PIs

Patient Enrollment and Patient-centered Recruitment

  • With Direct Patient Screening, we leverage identified patient relationships by reaching out to potential patients who have opted in and match study criteria
  • We further qualify patients with study-specific screening questions via study websites
  • We pass prequalified referrals to study sites for follow-up and enrollment
  • We rely on enriched, identified data sets and advanced cohort analytics
  • Our enrollment and retention derives from experienced-based outreach

Physician Outreach

  • Leverage our connection to physicians to help reach those with potential patients
  • Let us facilitate study screening and enrollment for targeted populations of physician’s patients
  • We can connect your investigators with the nearby physician community

Put Quest Pharma Solutions to work for you