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Advancing the effectiveness of clinical trial recruitment and engagement

The importance of clinical trials is indisputable. Yet, in a recent survey, only 19% of respondents stated that they or someone from their family has ever participated in a clinical trial.1 The inefficiency of patient recruitment and enrollment is a perpetual challenge—in an industry where billions of dollars are spent to improve patient care, patients for clinical trials are hard to come by.

With more than 140 million unique patient events each year, garnering over 60 billion data points, Quest Diagnostics® offers broad market access to help advance the effectiveness of clinical trial recruitment and engagement.

How? By leveraging patient-level insights to directly connect patients with study opportunities, and by identifying physicians with patients who may qualify for the clinical trials and actively reaching out to them.

As a trusted resource for more than 50% of physicians in the US, Quest believes this physician channel is an underused, but critically important, resource. After all, 80% of patients claim a physician’s recommendation is an important factor in deciding to participate in a clinical trial.2

In a webinar focused on the power of patient-centric clinical trials, Parag More, Executive Director, Quest Healthcare Analytics Solutions, describes the compelling approach Quest has developed to help make disruptive advances in clinical trial efficiency. 

• Identify and reach out to clinically relevant patients
• Connect via physicians and extended care teams to present clinical trial as a care option
• Engage at personal digital endpoints where patients interact for care
• Utilize retail locations where relevant patients live as consumers
• Execute media campaigns based on relevant patient prevalence
• Adjust outreach tactics and channels continuously based on analytics  


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