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Global Diagnostics Network

Simplifying worldwide access to diagnostic testing services and insights

The Global Diagnostics Network (GDN) is your solution for the worldwide distribution of tests and access to diagnostic science and services.

Our network covers 90% of the global pharmaceutical market and 2/3 of the world’s population, providing thousands of collection points. Our strategic working group includes many of the world’s leading diagnostics companies, performing more than 1 million tests a day in laboratories across the globe.

We enhance the diagnostic insights you need to address worldwide health challenges by providing:

  • Consistent levels of quality
  • Country-specific regulatory compliance
  • Integrated data capture and data analytics

Our capabilities accelerate and scale precision medicine.

The Quest-led global program and project management services expand your capacity, capabilities, and adaptability to strengthen personalized medicine. Our worldwide medical laboratory network offers:

  • A global lab footprint and logistics
  • Validation and training
  • Commercial programs
  • Data standardization and data analytics

Using GDN, you can deliver better worldwide health and improve outcomes for patients.

  • Reduce time from development to worldwide launch of new drugs
  • Facilitate data collection and insights on drug efficacy for targeted diseases
  • Shorten the time it takes to get new drugs into the hands of patients
  • Facilitate the prescribing of new drugs by physicians and healthcare providers
  • Foster collaboration with local academicians through existing relationships