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Our insights can provide a path to healthy patient populations

Get key insights into disease management, impact of recommendations, and population health.

Quest Data Licensing and Analytics combines a comprehensive collection of clinical data and a proven process based on years of experience with a strategic perspective to provide you with a clear picture of clinical conditions, patient behavior, physician treatment approaches, and intervention opportunities.

Using Quest Diagnostics HIPAA-compliant, deidentified clinical data, client data, other third-party data, and nationally relevant databases, our medical experts and data scientists illuminate insights. These insights can help public health organizations design initiatives that focus on the biggest challenges in today’s healthcare environment. Our consultative approach relies on a collaborative, data-driven analysis that delivers actionable results.

Our powerful combination of timely, de-identified data, a proven public health process, and seasoned expert analysis helps answer key questions about guidelines, disease management, cost of care, impact of therapies, and more. Every day, we receive updates that allow us to continually refine our insights, so that you and your team can positively change the course of patient care across the US.

The journey to an effective disease intervention

What we partner with you to deliver


Competitive landscape


Co-morbidity conditions

Identify the intervention opportunity

Potential for disease intervention

Needs at each point along the journey

Impact of market behaviors

Change of behaviors

Launch performance

Feedback on intervention

Impact on overall health of intervention

Gaps and needs post-intervention

Recommended changes to marketing or intervention

Competitive response and performance

What we help you understand

Prevalence; stratification; disease profile

Opportunity assessment

How population responds to intervention; growth trends; gap analysis

Analysis of marketing ROI

The Quest solution: a flexible, proven process

Our team of clinicians, data scientists, and statisticians work in close collaboration with organizations to deliver concise insights from a portfolio, marketing, and clinical perspective.

Understand the challenge and develop the strategy

  • Partner with you to ensure solution viability
  • Go-to-market value proposition
  • Pipeline and lifecycle management
  • Market gaps and opportunities
  • Evidence-based outcomes to support FDA filings and approvals
  • Launch timelines
  • Actions being considered

Define the analytics

  • Integrate Quest, third-party, partner, national, and client data
    • Rx history
    • Referral patterns
    • Longitudinal considerations
    • Geographic considerations
    • Insights into physician treatment behaviors
    • Co-morbidities
  • Create condition profiles
  • Stratify patient conditions
  • De-identify patient data
  • Assure HIPAA compliance

Analyze and generate insights

  • Consideration from a portfolio, marketing, or clinical perspective
  • Structure, analyze, and interpret data
  • Identify unmet needs and key opportunities
  • Collaborate with Quest Diagnostics data scientists, statisticians, and data experts

Report, present, and monitor

  • Data formatting and insights that are personalized, usable, and meaningful for the client
  • Deliver clear, actionable insights
  • Monitor and report on the impact of the initiative

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